5 reasons creatives love Uncommon Legal
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The very act of starting a business, any business, is creative.

If you agree, then you’re just the type of creative business to which we cater.

We help you grow ideas, not kill your creativity. Uncommon Legal won’t waste your time (or ours) by pointing out why an idea can’t or won’t work. We will recommend solutions to overcome potential obstacles. Average lawyers can spot a problem; uncommonly good lawyers help solve them. And we never try to fit your issue into a pre-form, generic, one-size-fits-all template.

We understand where you’re coming from (because we’ve been there). Before the lawyers at Uncommon Legal ever cracked a law book or sat in a single law school class, we were part of the creative economy as artists, small business owners and community volunteers. We know what it takes to grow and nurture your creative drive.

You stay in the loop.  We want our busy clients to count on us as trusted legal advisors, and you can’t do that if you only have a relationship with our voicemail. We are responsive to your needs and we keep you informed. You can trust that we’ll let you know if something important is happening or important deadlines are approaching.

Our plans allow you to have the sun, the moon, and the stars without astronomical fees. Uncommon Legal was founded on the idea of breaking the BIGLaw box. To give you an alternative to law firm fees that defy gravity, we developed creative counsel plans and a flat fee model. We also recognize your time is valuable, so we prioritize accordingly and we don’t spend energy (or money) on insignificant issues.

We practice the art of listening. And because we listen, we hear you. We understand that when you have legal concerns, you want a lawyer to listen to you and address your issues. It’s OK for this to be all about you. We’ll regale you with stories of our genius another time.

[TL;DR: There’s a reason we’re called Uncommon Legal … it’s pretty clear we’re not your average law firm.]