5 Ways to Celebrate Women (and Women-Owned Businesses)

As I’m writing this article on International Women’s Day, the whole Thrive team is “retreating” in a gorgeous home on the beach, where we’re working on our business, celebrating our employees’ contributions to our success, and honoring Women’s History Month by planning how Thrive Law can help our female clients make history on their own terms. As you may already know, Thrive is committed to helping women business owners and execs leverage the law to make and keep more money. One of the ways we’re doing this is throughout SheEO Symposiums, designed to bring badass women together in the spirit of collaboration instead of competition. If you want to join us in celebrating women this month (and every month for that matter), here are 5 simple things you and your team can do!

  1. Shop at Women-Owned Businesses, Not Big-Box Stores 

If you say you support women, put your money where your heart is! Find our which business in your community, both local and online, are owned or operated by females and commit to putting more money in their wallets when shopping for goods and services you need.
Want to find women-owned companies in Florida or make yourself known as one of them? Check out Embarc Collective’s “Roll Call: Women Investors and Founders in Florida.” It’s the bomb!

2. Leave A Fabulous Online Review or Write a Thank You Note!

Did you get great service or find an amazing product through a female-owned or operated business? Tell the world about it. Leave her company a five-star online review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Better yet, write an authentic testimonial that will motivate others to contact or visit her biz. Best yet, write the owner a hand-written thank you note! We recently received this one from a Thrive Law fan that brought our whole team to tears and now keeps us going on tougher days. Remember how powerful words of kindness can be!

3. Stop Gossiping About Women (and Anyone Else for That Matter)!

I’ve done, and I know you have, too. We’ve all caught ourselves making a snide remark about how another woman dresses, behaves, markets, thinks, or just plain lives her life. Cut out the comparing, mindless chatter, and not-so-secret judgments. When we engage in seemingly harmless gossip, not only do we hurt the reputation of all women, we ourselves look like jealous biotches, and no one wants to hang around with people like that! Let’s lift one another up, not pull each other down.

4. Listen to the Wise Words of Other Women

If you don’t have a female mentor that you can pick up the phone and call when you need wisdom, be sure to listen to woman-hosted podcasts on the regular. Unlike business podcasts broadcast by dudes, professionally focused podcasts by women focus on the unique problems faced by our kind in launching and growing successful companies and careers while building a life filled with love and joy.

Here are some of Thrive’s favs: Glambition Radio with Ali BrownThe Marie Forleo PodcastRISE Podcast by Rachel HollisThe PinkCast with Cindy EckertGirlboss Radio with Sophia AmurosoThe Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

5. Read Books by and about Female Sages to INSPIRE YOU

I know I fall short when it comes to really knowing about women who made and continue to make history. Yet I truly want to help other women do that, so I’ve got to gird myself with knowledge about the powerful female tribe that came before us. During Women’s History Month, why not make it your intention to find a great book about a woman who changed the world for the better? Not sure where to look, check out this top 10 list of books about women by women, published by NBC’s Know Your Value Website. You’re sure to find the inspiration you’re looking for there.
If you have other ways you’re celebrating women this month, we’d love to hear about them. Drop us a line on Thrive Law’s Facebook Page to let us know what you’re doing to champion females today and every day!