Cancel Your Pity-Party & Freak-Out Sessions!
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Join the Virtual SheEO Symposium COVID-19Business As UNusual Summit Instead!

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Let’s face it. The train has left the station and it’s not slowing down. The COVID-19 outbreak is going to do whatever it is going to do to the U.S. economy (not to mention our healthcare system).

But you know what this virus is NOT going to do to us as BADASS FEMALE FOUNDERS:
It’s NOT going to dictate our mindset.
It’s NOT going to immobilize our businesses.
It’s NOT going to make us forget that we have a plan and a vision.
It’s NOT going to make us abandon the mission that passionately drove us before we heard the term COVID-19.
And it sure as hell is not going to make us trample people in the toilet-paper aisle at Wal-Mart!

Thrive Law is canceling the pity-party and freak-out sessions that so many female founders and execs are already attending. Instead, we’re creating a virtual FREAK-OUT-FREE ZONE where badass SheEOs can work together to create business opportunities for ourselves and our customers in the middle of this chaos. Why? So we can all THRIVE today and tomorrow (despite the doom and gloom messages from the talking heads that tell us to start prepping for failure). 

If you want to hang with your tribe in our Freak-Out-Free Zone, mark your calendars for Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, March 25, 26 & 27, from Noon to 2:00 pm EST for our complimentary SheEO Sympoisum COVID-19 Business UNusual Summit. During each of 3 virtual sessions, you’ll interact with other badass businesswomen, and we’ll help one another explore ways to thrive no matter how fast or furiously this virus spreads. 

Here’s a summary of how we think this 3-part series is going to go: 

Part 1: Wed. March 25, Noon to 2:00 pm: Taking Control of Your Mindset
Part 2: Thurs. March 26, Noon to 2:00 pm: Leading in Crisis
Part 3: Fri. March 27, Noon to 2:00 pm: Loving Clients Through Service

Want to know more? Check out the nitty-gritty details below!

PART1 – Wednesday, March 25, Noon to 2:00 pm ETTaking Control of Your Mindset As female founders and execs, we GROW by helping other people. That means RIGHT NOW, in the middle of this crisis, it’s prime time for us to CREATE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR  OURSELVES AND OUR CLIENTS. But if our thinking is screwed up, if our own minds are spiraling into the depths of despair over an imagined, virus-tainted vision of failure, we’re going to miss it. If our minds are undisciplined in times like this, our thoughts will put us and our loved ones at far greater risk than any virus ever could!

Part 2 – Thursday, March 26, Noon to 2:00 pm ETLeading in Crisis We’re SheEOs. We’re Entrepreneurs. We’ve invested a ton of blood, sweat, and tears in our businesses. We’ve honed our mindsets to think like founders (not flounders). We know how to plan for the expected and (hopefully) how to pivot when the unexpected hits. And now’s the time to put all that work into action and LEAD. Lead by caring for ourselves, our teams (whether they’re small, big, or just our families), and our customers. Let’s talk openly about our concerns in this uncertain time. Then we’re better equipped to honestly and transparently address the concerns of our people and our customers. When we encourage one another to be human and vulnerable (without freaking out), we are leading by lifting. And when we lift others (our teams, clients and communities), they are more likely to stay steady in mind, heart, and mission during even the craziest of times. 

Part 3 – Friday, March 27, Noon to 2:00 pm ETLoving Clients Through Service
Our success depends on the success of our customers. So no matter what industry we’re in,  it’s essential right now that we help our customers to remain freak-out-free during this chaos. While we’re all being told to “shelter in place,” we must help our customers see and create opportunities rather than becoming paralyzed by fear. 

At Thrive Law, the business firm for female founders, we’re committed to helping women-owned and operated businesses go beyond merely surviving, especially in times like this when the air is permeated with fear (and WE GET IT). We want every woman who attends this SheEO Growth Summit to leave a lot less freaked out and a hell of a lot more empowered to THRIVE, no matter what lies ahead. 

Sending You Love and Success,
Jamie & The SheEO Symposium Team
at Thrive Law

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