Concierge Counsel Program

Say you’re a lean startup . . .a multi-passionate creative . . . a former professional turned serial entrepreneur . . . or the owner of a mid-sized healthcare company. You know your business would profit from proactive legal guidance on an ongoing basis. But you’re in sticker shock after seeing that other lawyer’s big bill, and you don’t have enough work for an in-house attorney. We get it. We get your business. We get your priorities. And above all, we get you.

At Thrive Law, our mission is to grow your business from the inside out. That’s why we designed our Concierge Counsel Program, a radically different alternative to the “bill-you-for-every-minute” attorney model (which we think is just plain bad for business). The old-school system is expensive, inefficient, slow, and downright unaccountable. Not to mention it’s lack of proven value or measurable ROI.

So what’s so different about our Concierge Counsel Program? It’s client-centric (not firm-centric) with predictable monthly fees, quick turnaround, clear communication, proven value, and -annual ROI reports that shows you just what you’re getting for your legal buck. Here’s exactly what you get:

No hourly billing. You pay a flat, predictable monthly fee. In exchange, the Thrive Law team serves as your company’s outsourced legal department, providing your company with the same high-quality legal services offered by big firms or in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost.

At Thrive, there is no meter endlessly running up your bill. So your legal costs are predictable.

And unlike firms that bill by the hour, our lawyers actually have skin in the game. Which is fantastic for you. Why? Flat fees drive us to perform more efficiently, to fix your legal issues fast,and once and for all. Our approach contributes to your profit and ensures we’re incentivized to deliver just that.

Under the traditional hourly model, clients were trained to wait until the proverbial poop hit the fan before contacting their attorney for help. With Thrive, you have a legal department that will proactively ferret out issues before they become problems. We’ll look for emerging opportunities so they become your profitable realities. No more scrambling to put out fires after the problem arises or rushing to make a last minute deal happen.

With the Concierge Counsel Program, we take legal off of your plate so you’re empowered to grow your business at warp speed. Give us every trademark, every copyright, every contract, every loan document, every proposal, every letter of intent, every asset protection and business succession plan. We got this.

Give us all your compliance regulations, employee handbooks, policies and procedures, job descriptions, and human resources nightmares. Let us review them, draft them, improve them all, knowing that your legal team is dedicated not just to solving legal problems, but to preventing them in the first place.

And since you’re paying a flat fee instead of by the hour, why wouldn’t you let Thrive Law carry the legal load for you?

Because there’s no financial incentive for us to drag things out, you know we’ll be fast, efficient, and effective. We help you find opportunities and leverage them. We identify your problems and solve them right away whenever possible.

Your Thrive Law team is made up of professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives. So we get you!

Winning a legal battle isn’t a win if you lose tons of money along the way. And a contract that’s supposed to save you money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if it doesn’t work.

We know you care about making money and changing the world while you’re at it. So do we. Before we do anything on your behalf, we ask ourselves, “how can we do this so our client gets the most value and reaches her goal?” Every move we make, every breath we take, we’ll be watching . . . the return on your investment.

Need proof of the ROI? Here’s how we do it.

Every smart professional or business executive that spends money on any service for her business wants and deserves to see the rate of Return on the Investment (e.g., ROI).

Under the traditional hourly lawyer model, you had no idea whether the return was worth what you were paying. And the firm provided you with exactly zero proof that the ROI was anything other than 0%. And you didn’t even know you could ask for something else.

Well, now you can. At Thrive, we expect you to have a minimum of a three-fold return on your flat monthly fees. Yes, you read that correctly– a minimum three-fold return.

Under the the Concierge Counsel Program, twice a year you’ll receive a report from us that shows exactly how much our radical approach has profited you – in litigation thwarted, compliance completed, and better contracts negotiated. We challenge you to find another Florida law firm that does this. It’s about time someone revolutionized the broken lawyer model. And we’re doing it.

Services Offered Under The Concierge Counsel Program

Thrive Law team is experienced in all aspects of business planning, navigation, and problem solving. From formation, trademarking, branding, and initial debt or equity financing of your business to acquisitions, mergers, dispositions, liquidations, or franchising. You can count on us to help you structure and create new companies and ventures, as well as to proactively address any legal issues encountered along the way to ensure you are protected from unnecessary risk.

As your extended legal department, you can entrust Thrive Law to negotiate, draft, and review all business documents, including:

  • Employment and independent contractor relationships and agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Corporate planning
  • Vendor agreements
  • Equipment lease agreements
  • Procurement agreements
  • Sales terms and conditions
  • Manufacturing and distribution contracts
  • Website development agreements
  • Software licenses and assignments
  • Complex contractual agreements

*Excludes: litigation, which requires a separate retainer agreement and fee.

Concierge Counsel Program Pricing

The Concierge Counsel Program starts at $1,500.00 per month. Call us our office today so that we can customize a plan for your business!

Concierge Counsel for a Day

Looking to address a variety of sales and marketing, contract, operational, personnel, strategic and business planning, and/or compliance issues in a single day for a set cost with the help of experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel? Then we have the plan for you. Call our office to help us understand your business needs.