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Asset Protection and Business Succession Planning

You’re business is thriving. But what happens to it if suddenly you’re not? If something happens to you and you can’t run things any more, do you know if your spouse or kids have the power to step in? What if you own your company with other people? What if they don’t want your spouse to inherit your piece? Or what if you don’t want their spouse to inherit theirs?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you need a solid business succession plan that defines “what happens if . . . and . . . when.” Even if you have a will and trust, they don’t automatically protect your business assets. So for your succession plan to be effective, it’s essential that it’s mirrored by your estate plan. At Thrive Law, we can help you ensure your business wishes are fulfilled and your family is protected.

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Online Reputation Repair & Management

It’s simple. You consistently go to the ends of the earth to deliver great service. Your employees are really happy. Your colleagues consider you the leader in your field. Because you are. You’re on everyone’s referral hot list. You’ve developed such a high-quality, creative product line, you’re practically breaking the Internet. Every, Day.

And we don’t need to take your word for it. Your clients’ and employees’ online reviews prove it.

Except that one.

And that one bad review can destroy everything you’ve worked for overnight.

Sadly, you’ve fallen victim to online defamation in the form of a “revenge review.” You don’t know if it was written by an angry client, a disgruntled employee, or WORSE a competitor looking to skew search results in its favor. What’s more, that nastygram has gone viral. Overnight. And Just. Like. That. Everything you’ve worked so hard to build is at risk of being destroyed.

This is taking a huge toll on you, personally, professionally, financially, and emotionally. You can’t sleep. Can’t eat. Can’t dream of who would do such a thing or why.

But you can get help. At Thrive Law, we give a darn about your good reputation. And we understand the ins and outs of emerging tech laws designed to help you fight digital defamation and rehab your reputation online and beyond. You can trust that we’ll not only help you get the dirty rotten lies removed, we’ll help you recover monetary damages whenever possible as well.

When you’ve worked hard to earn you great reputation, you need to fight to preserve it.We’ve seen many business professionals try to resolve revenge reviews on their own by either posting a rebuttal or apology to the revenge review, contacting the website and requesting the offensive post be taken down, or threatening to sue the revenge reviewer and host site. These options are okay, but if you choose to go it alone, here are a few things you should know:

  • Posting a rebuttal to the revenge review, or offering an apology.
  • While this may seem like an easy and direct way to neutralize things, we have seen this approach actually backfire by drawing more attention to the initial bad press, and depending on the post, an apology can be seen as admitting the allegations.

  • Contacting the site and request that it take down the offending post.
  • If you try this approach on your own without legal assistance, be forewarned consumer review sites often push back on requests to remove even clearly defamatory reviews, citing that their interest is in protecting the consumer and noting that their own reputations will be damaged if they remove every negative comment every time a business owner complains.

  • Threatening to sue the revenge reviewer and the host site to get the post removed and, potentially, recover monetary damages.
  • When your business and professional reputation are under fire, slapping the smack talker and the host site they rode in on may feel like a great way to channel your emotions, get vengeance, and win back your good name. That can feel good at first, but a lawsuit may not be the best avenue if the offending post does not give rise to a viable claim or if the hassle and cost of the suit is going to outweigh the damage or impact to your business.

Before you got it alone,, consider the time it will consume. preventing you from spending time on the things that earned you your great reputation in the first place. We recommend meeting with the knowledgeable team at Thrive Law. We will assess your situation, weigh all your options, and then strategically guide you to take action. If we can establish that the offensive post violates your trademark, copyrighted material, or that it is just plain false, the social media site may remove the post, if only to avoid getting dragged into a lawsuit.

We can prevent and minimize any past or current damage imposed on your professional or business reputation. Our team can help restore and protect what you worked so hard for, so you can thrive again, personally, professionally, and financially.

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Business Disputes and Litigation

You went into business with your best friends thinking you knew each other so well, nothing could go wrong. But now you’ve discovered your best friend has been slipping distributions to himself only on the sly. You don’t want things to get ugly, but you caught him red-handed. You can’t just hold hands, sing Kumbaya and keep going. You want a business divorce yesterday.

Or let’s say you hired a web designer to create the site of your dreams. But nothing’s been done for months, even though you’ve paid what you owed each and every month like clockwork. You feel ripped off, but the contract is ironclad. You don’t see any way out, yet you’re stuck with no web presence and sales are tanking. What can you do?

Or what if that fantastic employee you hired fresh out of undergrad and trained to be your best marketer decides to download all your client data, product information, manufacturing partner info, and pricing lists, quits without notice, and sets up shop next door doing exactly what you taught her to do and soliciting your clients! Worse, she’s even trying to talk your other loyal team members into leaving and joining the uprising. What recourse do you have to shut her down before she shuts you down?

These types of business disagreements can consume your precious time, hard-earned money, and put your professional reputation on the line. And the best, most efficient way to resolve each one can vary dramatically based on the personality of the parties (not to mention the attorneys) involved. For a business dispute to end in your favor requires experience, deep knowledge of the law, and finesse. The legal team at Thrive Law possesses all of these traits. Plus, they know the strategic moves to achieve out-of-court solutions when possible and to fight for you in court when necessary. No matter what your dispute looks like, we can help negotiate for and protect the things that are most important to you.

  • Collaborative and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Enforcement of Noncompete Agreements
  • EEOC Responses
  • Getty Cease & Desist Responses
  • Internet Privacy Breaches
  • Professional Defamation
  • Online Piracy
  • Professional Licensure Defense
  • Litigation
    • Breach of Contracts
    • Professional Defamation
    • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
    • Trademark and Copyright Infringement
    • Internet
    • Domain Name Litigation
    • FTC Enforcement Actions
    • Data Breach Litigation
    • Corporate & Partnership Dissolutions
    • Shareholder Suits
    • Employment Defense
    • Whistleblower Defense
    • Tortious Interference with Business Relationships
    • Equitable Claims Defense
    • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Defense
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Concierge Counsel Program

At Thrive Law, our mission is to grow your business from the inside out. That’s why we designed our Concierge Counsel Program, a radically different alternative to the “bill-you-for-every-minute” attorney model (which we think is just plain bad for business). The old-school system is expensive, inefficient, slow, and downright unaccountable. Not to mention it’s lack of proven value or measurable ROI.