The Firm

At Thrive Law, we check our egos at the door and treat you like a person, not a case number. We are not the heroes. You’re the hero in your story. We’re just here to help you maneuver the legal obstacles.

Our “typical” client is anything but typical. There is no one-size-fits-all legal solution for a diverse business like yours. So before we design a strategic plan for you, we get to know your professional, personal, and financial goals. That way, we get you. And we get how to help you best. And without the meter endlessly running, you know your bill will be as transparent as we are.

We believe your business is unique. No matter how many times we’ve seen an issue like yours, there are bound to be some new kinks. So your business and your matter deserve our undivided attention, focused time, careful nurturing . . . and sometimes our mightiest sword.

No matter what legal issue you’re up against, the Thrive team doesn’t cut corners. We’re in it. With you. ALL. THE. WAY.

Even though reasonable settlements can save small businesses big bucks, that’s not always your goal. When you want your opponent up against the ropes in court, we’ve got the moves to get him there.

Before you retain us, we meet with you for an initial strategy session so we both can decide if we’re right for one another. We believe every business client deserves the right business lawyer, and sometimes that’s not us. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you and refer you to a firm better suited for your needs. If we’re lucky enough to meet you, we’d love to show you how we’d strategize your case, ensure you’ve got great representation, and describe our plan to get you the best results possible.

Jamie Moore Marcario, Esq.
Lawyer with Real World Business Experience

Before she ever cracked a law book or entered a courtroom, Jamie experienced what it was like to try to make it on her own as a creative entrepreneur. While things didn’t go exactly as planned, Jamie learned many tough business lessons which she subsequently applied to later thrive as a successful, small business owner. Her interest in business persisted, leading her to some of the world’s largest and most respected companies, where Jamie spent 20 years in corporate sales, marketing and leadership. Her fascination for the inner workings of business, both big and small, and helping to make a positive impact on them was born. Now, on to those law books…

While attending Stetson University College of Law on a full merit scholarship, Jamie maintained a full-time corporate job, interned for two federal judges, clerked for an outstanding local lawyer who concentrated on first-amendment issues, and served as the executive editor of the Stetson Law Review. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, she worked as a judicial clerk for the Honorable Judge Chris W. Altenbernd at Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal. The application of law to the business world shifted into high gear when she went on to serve as a commercial litigator at a regional firm, representing clients in highly regulated industries including healthcare, and ultimately joined the labor and employment practice of an AMLaw 100 firm.

Today, Jamie’s interest in the inner workings of business still exists. However, she now recognizes her entrepreneurial, small business, and corporate experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the law, can provide her with valuable strengths that can be strategically leveraged to help other businesses thrive.

The Team
Hope Andrews

Hope Andrews is our Paralegal extraordinaire and administrative whiz who always has a smiling face waiting to greet you. Hope joins our Thrive Law family from a multinational hospitality corporation, where she not only gained valuable insight into business functions but also developed her impressive client-focused approach and mastery of administrative responsibilities. With a background in communications from The University of Cincinnati, her Paralegal studies at St. Petersburg College, together with her perma-positive attitude, Hope is a wonderful addition to our team and an amazing client advocate.


Hope is a St. Pete native who enjoys spending her free time outside in the sun, whether it’s out on the boat or exploring her local neighborhood (Gulfport) with her dog, Boomer. During her time at the University of Cincinnati, Hope was a member of the collegiate swim team and has maintained her passion for the sport throughout the years. On the days she’s feeling less physically inclined, Hope likes to hang out with her friends downtown at their favorite locally-owned spot, The Galley, and stroll down Central Avenue, visiting any one of the numerous local shops and markets.

Alexis Brasseur

Alexis is a proud St. Petersburg native and has fallen in love with the city’s “shop small, shop local” mentality, which has fueled her entrepreneurial spirit. She received a B.S., B.A. in Marketing from the University of Central Florida, while also working at the University’s Art Gallery. Upon graduating, she returned to St. Pete for the beach, good coffee, and to apply her education and client service experiences to the city’s eclectic spirit. In addition to her love of small business, St. Pete’s thriving arts community has increased her knowledge and appreciation of local art and culture.

Alexis held the position of Community Relations Director at a local franchise of a national corporation, where she made community connections and gained extensive knowledge of the power of a strong brand, documented processes and procedures, and company leadership development. She joined the Thrive Law team in the fall of 2017 as the Director of Client Relations. Alexis’ position at the firm allows her to connect creatives and business owners to the legal services that will help their businesses Thrive. Alexis will be your liaison throughout your entire Thrive Law experience. Get in touch! | 727-300-1990 x402

Rob Marcario

Rob is our token New Yorker, born in the Bronx, and brings his 30 years of business experience and creative, strategic thinking to our firm. Prior to becoming our COO, Rob had extensive experience in the neuroscience healthcare industry, specifically in clinical, research, consultative, and sales capacities. He owned and operated his own neuropsychological assessment consulting business, and also worked for global medical industry leaders for nearly two decades, successfully driving the business of specialty neuroscience pharmaceuticals and implanted neuromodulation medical devices.

While he wears many hats (and is secretly called “Chief of Everything”), Rob comes to work everyday with 3 main goals top of mind:

1. Build a positive, collaborative and efficient culture for the Thrive Law Team that is resilient and can adapt as needed;

2. Create and continuously develop a system that intentionally provides the absolute best client-focused experience that exceeds the expectations of our clients;

3. Strategically grow the firm’s reach so we can attract and help every business and professional that wants to Thrive!

Rumor has it that he even has a certificate of mixology, officiates weddings, and enjoys catching sharks out of a kayak, so make sure you ask him about his diverse background and interests.

We like keeping Rob around because he is a bright guy with a passionate approach to all things Thrive, not to mention his knack for effectively listening and communicating. If you have any questions about our policies, procedures, invoicing or want to simply provide compliments or offer suggestions on how we can improve, Rob is the guy!

Mandi Clay, Esq.

A commercial litigator, Mandi has experience in a variety of subject matters, including labor & employment, intellectual property, restrictive covenants, and class actions. Mandi has experienced the practice of law from both sides of the bench, having clerked for U.S. District Judge Gregory A. Presnell and U.S. District Judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell, both in the Middle District of Florida. She prides herself on being efficient and responsive to her clients and is dedicated to providing practical advice tailored to fit each client’s specific goals.

Mandi truly has a talent for understanding and explaining the law and its nuances in ways that most law school professors and supervising attorneys never could. Her ability to adjust her writing to her audience and articulate complicated arguments in easily digestible facets is greatly admired.

Within the legal community, Mandi is well respected among both practitioners and the judiciary. She began her pro bono work in 2008, her first year in private practice, by representing a teenager who was shot in the back by police officers, giving her immediate trial experience.