Thrive Law Is Now THE Business Firm for Female Founders!
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Thrive Law’s fourth anniversary is drawing near. Since we opened our doors in 2016, we’ve learned some tough business lessons, bobbed and weaved when necessary, and come to truly understand the clients we are best equipped to serve and most passionately care about. As our very own Tampa Bay community claims its rightful place as one of the best areas for female entrepreneurs to set up shop, we saw it. The companies who really love working with us and who we help most are those who invest in women, impact women, or are run by women.

We’re not talking about businesses that just shoot for optics by appointing a few women to their c-suite or board. We mean businesses whose mission is to achieve real, measurable economic outcomes that actually put more money in the wallets of women—regardless of the CEO’s gender.

No. We’re not a bunch of man-haters. We are huge fans of men, especially the ones who mentored us, pushed us forward, and who run some of the incredible companies we work with today.

Yes. We still love and are committed to helping male-owned and operated businesses, especially those that create jobs, products or services that improve women’s lives.

Our slight pivot boils down to this: We understand the special challenges faced by female startups on the fast track to growth. And we’re uniquely equipped to help women founders and execs leverage the law to make and keep more money, employ more people, and have a bigger and more positive impact on the world.

Why? Because our founder, Jamie Moore Marcario, has lived it. As a former corporate executive and big-firm lawyer, she navigated her way to the top despite environments that treated women as liabilities rather than assets. When she had finally had enough, she left that world to start Thrive Law.
As a female founder, she has faced (and still faces) the challenges unique to women with vision and guts. She has defied social expectations by embracing her own voice rather than adopting the traditional aggressive approach to lawyering. She has searched far and wide for female mentors, found them, and followed their lead. She has stopped listening (mostly) to her inner perfectionist—the one that tells her she’ll fail, she’ll look stupid, or she doesn’t deserve a seat at the table with the “big boys.” Through small failures and big victories (achieved with tons of support from her tribe), Jamie accelerated Thrive Law’s high-velocity growth. She now knows how to teach other women to shift their ventures into high gear by launching them from a firm legal foundation. And the whole Thrive Law team gets it, too.

So that’s it. That’s why Thrive Law is doubling down on women. We have always been the business firm for female founders, so we’re just making it official.

If you’re a female founder or a business owner invested in advancing women, regardless of your gender identity, call us today at 1-727-300-1990, or click the button below to learn how Thrive Law can help you build the future!