Thrive Law’s Shero of the Month!

What is a shero, you ask? Here is our (special) definition:

SHERO: a person who identifies as any gender and believes in abundance, understands the power of connectivity and collaboration, and has launched, grown, or sold a for-profit or non-profit company (or companies) that positively impacts women, employs women, invests in women, or introduces innovations that help women make and keep more money or live better lives, all while generating enough cash and freeing up enough time for the founder(s) to live a dream life, whatever that may be.

And with that, Meet Thrive Law’s Shero of the Month!

Sue Powers Hoffman, Founder of Hashtag Creative and Social Media Maven

With more than 20 years of experience, Sue Powers Hoffman knows a thing or two about marketing people love. As the Founder, Creative Director and CEO of Hashtag Creative®, she not only helps local businesses and nonprofits share their story, she also ensures they attract and convert new clients through websites that WORK, mind-blowing blogs, email marketing that people open, powerful print materials, traffic-driving social media marketing, and everything in between. Because her entire career has been dedicated to helping businesses reach the clients they want to help, Sue designed Hashtag Creative® to be a one-stop-shop where companies can get assistance with the total marketing package: branding, design, coding, copywriting, research, analytics, consulting . . . and Sue, and her in-house power team of experts, do it all with humor and style!

Before starting Hashtag Creative with her partner Marcia, Sue was a marketer for nonprofits around the country. That is when the power of “digital” marketing opened her eyes to a whole new world—the world we live in NOW!

When it came to fundraising, education, volunteer engagement and political involvement, no other marketing medium could come close to what digital could do. That power also crosses over to marketing businesses and products. Sue’s passion is to share the power of digital with others and to show them how to use it and measure the results to get the ROI  your company wants and needs to reach its financial and professional goals.

The key to Sue’s success? She knows innovation is the key to the kingdom. She stays on top of every technological advance the moment it hits the market, analyzes its use, and determines whether and how it can help her clients.  In other words, Sue’s superpower is driving people from the front page of your website to the front door of your business. If you have not met Sue Powers Hoffman, this month’s Thrive Law Shero, give her a call to meet for coffee: 727-258-5822. It will be the best call you make all month!

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