Today is National Be Heard Day
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Today is National Be Heard Day – celebrating small businesses and their efforts to “be heard” through the din of mega-business marketing efforts. Entrepreneurs, be heard! Make your presence known. Business owners, what are you proud of in your business? Shout it out!

Uncommon Legal’s team helps creative entrepreneurs focus their business vision and find something to crow about…and we help them PROTECT those big ideas once they are out there in the world.

Now that you’ve invested the time (and creative energy) in picking the perfect name, creating a world-class website, developing a marketing strategy, and oodles of intellectual property (like content, images, procedures, and customer lists), call Uncommon Legal for a trademark and copyright strategy session to help ensure your brand BE HEARD over your competition…and stand up to legal scrutiny. Celebrate #NationalBeHeardDay with us!

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